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Chipper Shredder 205cc 9060300
This Earthquake™ chipper shredder offers maximum power at the point of impact. The largest rotor gives Earthquake™ 25% more suction in the hopper. A metal cone and high-powered 205cc Briggs & Stratton® engine gives you the durability and shredding strength to turn yard waste into the perfect mulch.
MSRP : $699.99

Chipper Shredder 205cc

Chipper Shredder 205cc

View of Chipper Hopper


Mulch leaves, twigs, garden waste and branches up to three inches.

View of Chipper Cone


Even hardwood and palm fronds reduced easily.

View of Chipper Briggs & Stratton 205cc, 4-cycle Engine


No screen design for clog-free operation.

View of Optional Vacuum Kit


Optional Vac Kit to vacuum and shred small debris.

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9060300 Chipper Hopper
9060300 Chipper Cone
9060300 Chipper Briggs & Stratton 205cc, 4-cycle Engine
12727 Optional Vacuum Kit

Available at a retail location near you, and online retailers everywhere.
MSRP : $699.99