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Chainsaw 16" - 41cc Viper Engine CS4116
The Earthquake™ CS4116 gasoline chainsaw delivers raw cutting power in a small package. The 41cc Viper® engine and Oregon® brand bar and chain give it enough strength to ease a backbreaking day of outdoor chores. The lightweight design allows it to zip smoothly through branches.
MSRP : $179.99

Chainsaw 16" - 41cc Viper Engine

Chainsaw 16" - 41cc Viper Engine

Side View of Back of Chainsaw

Easy to Start

Primer bulb assist for hot and cold starts.

Back View of Chainsaw


6 anti-vibration contact points.

Side View of Chainsaw

Long Lasting

Proven Oregon® Bar and Chain.

Alternate Side View


One piece forged crank shaft.

Photo Gallery: Click to enlarge

CS4116 Rear Side View
CS4116 Back View
CS4116 Side View
CS4116 Alternate Side View

Available at a retail location near you, and online retailers everywhere.
MSRP : $179.99