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Mini Cultivator - Lightweight Weeding Tool MC43
With a 43cc Viper® engine the Earthquake™ MC43 cultivator can weed, work-in fertilizer, or aerate soil. Its small size and light weight not only make it easy to transport, but it also enhances maneuverability around plants without damaging them.
MSRP : $229.99

Mini Cultivator - Lightweight Weeding Tool

Mini Cultivator - Lightweight Weeding Tool

View of Cultivator Tines


Weeding, mixing and aerating.

View of Cultivator Wheel Adjust


On-board wheels adjust for transport and depth control.

View of Cultivator Handle and Throttle Control


Overhand control allows you to remove the weeds, not your plants.

View of Cultivator 43cc, 2-cycle Viper Engine


Largest engine in its class.

Photo Gallery: Click to enlarge

Full view of the cultivator
Cultivator in action - front view
Remove weeds from between plants
Cultivate close to small plants
Easy to control
Adjustable wheel height
Ergonomic handlebars
Viper Engine
Comfortable hand grips
Large all-terrain wheels
Easily removable/replicable tine

Available at a retail location near you, and online retailers everywhere.
MSRP : $229.99