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Compact Electric 5 Ton Log Splitter W1200
A day of chopping wood has never been less of a chore with the W1200 Earthquake™ 5-ton electric log splitter with a constant splitting force due to precision gears and copper windings. The W1200 is a powerful and versatile machine that will make wood splitting for your fireplace easier and less time-consuming.

Compact Electric 5 Ton Log Splitter

Compact Electric 5 Ton Log Splitter

View of Log Splitter Cradle


Constant splitting force with precision components and copper motor windings.

Front View of Log Splitter


Indoor and outdoor operation.

View of Log Splitter Motor


Gas free, oil free, no pull starting.

View of Log Splitter Wheel


Lightweight rolling design.

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Earthquake 5-Ton Electric Log Splitter In Action