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The new Earthquake™ 800 watt inverter generator provides fuel efficient and quiet power for recreational and household needs. The IG800W packs many features into a strong but lightweight design. The quality of the electrical output produced by this unit ensures that you can safely power sensitive electronics.

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Fuel Efficient

14 hours per gallon. The fuel efficient IG800W runs for hours without needing a refill, which means you can keep playing.


25 percent lighter than similar wattage generators. The small, lightweight IG800W is perfect for taking with you to those remote places where larger equipment would be unsuitable.

Quiet Operation

Noise suppressing housing. There's no need to set your inverter generator long distances from your activity, because it runs so quietly.

Overload Protection

Instant reset circuit breaker.

The IG800W Inverter Generator is gentle on your sensitive electronic devices. It eliminates the choppy, surging power that a less sophisticated generator will deliver by producing a 'pure sine wave'. This means that you can plug in your cell phone, your electronic tablet, or even your laptop without being concerned about damage to vital internal components.

The IG800W produces a 'pure sine wave' which means you can safely charge sensitive electronics like phones, tablets and laptops.

Product Specifications

Engine Brand Viper®
Engine Type 4-cycle OHV
Engine Displacement 40cc
Max AC Output 800 watts
Running AC Output 700 watts
Run Time 8.2 hours @ 25% load
Gas Tank Capacity .60 gal
Operating Noise Level 58 dB @ 7 m
Weight 21 lb

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