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Innovation: Air-Less Wheel

Always Ready to Work

Inflated tires can lose pressure over time. They are also susceptible to punctures from unseen debris. Earthquake® eliminated both issues by developing an air-less wheel. The tire is solid rubber and the rims are made of durable stamped steel. This wheel is always ready to work, and will roll through rocks, sticks and other obstacles with ease.

Better Traction Means Better Tilling

This air-less wheel incorporates a very aggressive tread pattern. The tire lugs work perpendicular to the direction of motion, clawing at the ground with each revolution. They function like paddles in the dirt. Additionally, they reach out further than the rim, which increases stability in partially-tilled earth where hidden ridges make the ground uneven.

Precisely Designed Components

Every part of this 4-piece wheel is specifically designed to perform better in the garden. From the custom fit of the tire between the two rim halves, to the welded steel center hub, it's all been thoroughly thought out and tested.

Brand Identity

The wheels on each of our products feature an Earthquake-specific 5-spoke design. The deep set center and the flaring spokes create an aggressive modern look and contribute to a robust structure. Our Air-Less Wheel is our most technical wheel, and incorporates the same brand-specific look and feel.

Designed in Cumberland, Wisconsin

Our goals were to create a wheel with added stability, added traction and the reliability of never going flat. Through the exploration of a wide variety of new designs and configurations, we distilled the best features into our air-less wheel.

All weights, specifications and features are approximate and are subject to change without notice. Due to continuous product improvements, product images may not be exact. Warning labels in some product images may have been removed for photography purposes only. Props shown in photos not included. Some assembly may be required.

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