Benefits of Cultivating

What is cultivating?

The soil in a garden naturally compacts over time. Cultivating breaks up this compacted surface by slicing through the soil with steel tines, creating a soft seed bed that offers several benefits to a garden.

Weed Control

Benefits of using a garden cultivator
Invasive seedlings are inevitable in nearly any garden. Periodic cultivating can break up the growing cycle of sprouted weeds and force the roots to the surface to dry out and die thereby reducing competition and allowing more nutrients to reach your plants. All Earthquake cultivators are specifically designed to be easy to maneuver so you can remove your weeds, not your crops.

Mix Fertilizers and Herbicides

Cultivators are great for incorporating soil additives to your garden because they mix in the added nutrients to your topsoil without penetrating too deep and unnecessarily disrupting micro organisms beneath. 

Increase Moisture/Air Penetration

A garden naturally becomes compacted over time due to rain, gravity, and foot traffic. Cultivating provides a simple way to increase the surface area of your soil so that more water and air can penetrate the soil to provide the necessary nutrients your plants need.

Improve Visual Appeal

Finally, a freshly cultivated garden appears organized and well maintained. Whether you grow flowers or vegetables, you will be sure to have a garden you are proud of.