Earthquake® is the leading designer, manufacturer, and marketer of seasonal outdoor power equipment specializing in earth tilling and drilling products for the residential, rural, and light commercial markets. We make products that are genuine, innovative, easy-to-use, rugged and tough, purpose-built, durable, powerful and have value. 

Our Values:


We are real people living in northern Wisconsin, designing, manufacturing and marketing tilling and hole-drilling equipment and related products. 


We are resourceful and are driven to find better ways to solve consumer problems and improving quality.

Expertise & Specialization

While we do design and manufacture high quality power equipment in many categories, we specialize in tilling and hole drilling applications. Our team of product development engineers has devoted their professional careers to creating top of the line equipment for ground breaking chores.


We can move quickly to respond to customers and consumers. We pride ourselves in innovation and solving problems.


We are resilient and willing to do the hard work to get the job done.

Value Consciousness

Our Midwestern roots and culture drive us to provide products with a combination of great performance at competitive prices. 

Service Focus

Our goal is to provide great service to our end users. This happens before purchase by providing product and application information to post purchase service and support.