Dual Direction Tilling

There are 3 configurations available in rear tine tillers. Standard rotating tines (SRT), counter rotating tines (CRT) and dual direction tines (DDT).

Dual Direction Tines (DDT)

 DDT Tillers give the user the option to shift between SRT and CRT in order to allow the tiller to be used in nearly any situation. This combines the ground breaking power of CRT tillers with the smooth finish of an SRT tiller. This versatility makes the dual-direction option a sod-to-seed machine capable of handling nearly any tilling task. 


Standard Rotating Tines (SRT)

This configuration is also commonly referred to as forward rotating tines since the tines spin in the same direction as the wheels of the machine. This tine direction excels in existing gardens or softer soils. Its ability to aerate soil and leave behind a smooth seed bed is perfect for spring garden preparation or mid-season garden maintenance.

Counter Rotating Tines (CRT)

The CRT feature spins the tines in the opposite direction as the wheels while the wheels propel the machine forward despite the force of the tines. Counter rotating tines allow this type of tiller to dig deep and break through even the toughest soils. This mode is best suited for creating new gardens or expanding existing ones.