Earth Auger Buyers Guide

 E43 1-Person Earth Auger

The E43 Earth Auger is the most common type of auger due to its light weight and affordability. This powerhead is capable of drilling holes 2"-10" in diameter and is designed to be operated by a single user. Operating as a single user is convenient and simple, however the torque of an earth auger is sometimes too much for smaller operators to handle alone. The 1-man auger is recommended for smaller jobs of 15 holes or less, or stronger operators that can handle the power of the machine on their own. If you are taking on multiple jobs or a job of over 15 holes, The Dually powerhead may be right for you.


Dually 1 or 2 Person Earth Auger

The Dually is the first earth auger designed to be used by either 1 or 2 operators. The Jobsite handlebars offer plenty of space for 2 sets of hands and protect the engine from abuse. This allows the torque of the auger to be shared between two people and is therefore much easier to handle. Thanks to the compact design, it can still be operated by a single user. The Dually is the ultimate utility earth auger for all jobs and is especially helpful for larger jobs where many holes are required. The extra power of the larger engine is also capable of handling augers 2"-14" in diameter.


9800 Series 2-Person Earth Auger

The 9800 Series provides the most power and control of all Earthquake augers. The series features a 4-cycle engine and a wide two person handlebar configuration. If you are planning on drilling large amounts of holes and have 2 people available, the 9800 series may be right for you.

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