Earthquake products are developed in Cumberland, Wisconsin by a team of highly qualified engineers and product development staff. Not only does the team have the knowledge to bring you ground breaking power equipment, but they have the experience in the field to back it up. 


Earthquake develops products to fit all styles of gardening whether you are breaking ground on your first seed bed or in your 50th growing season. You can't count on the rain, but you can certainly count on Earthquake.

Bigger Is Not Always Better

In the past, rear tine tillers have required extremely large engines in order to till soil and break through sod. This has lead to extremely heavy, off balance tillers that are difficult for the average person to control in a garden. The Pioneer challenges that concept by providing plenty of power with an engine that is half the size of most competitors. This engine is capable of providing equal or greater results thanks to the innovative inline transmission. Because of the smaller engine size, The Pioneer has a lower center of gravity that allows it to be easily maneuvered around fences and in between rows in a garden. Finally, a garden tiller that can be used by anyone!

Take A Step Back

While many gardeners use rear tine tillers in large open spaces, there is a fair amount of tilling that needs to be done in smaller more challenging locations. In order to navigate fences, buildings and other plants, a tiller needs to be able to turn around without a large space. In order to accomplish this maneuverability, All Earthquake rear tine tillers have an instant reverse feature that allows the user to go backwards without having to do any shifting. Simply pull the reverse handle and your tiller will walk itself backwards.

Never-Go-Flat Tires


Inflated tires can lose pressure over time. They are also susceptible to punctures from unseen debris. Earthquake® eliminated both issues by developing an air-less wheel. The tire is solid rubber and the rims are made of durable stamped steel. This wheel is always ready to work, and will roll through rocks, sticks and other obstacles with ease.

This air-less wheel incorporates a very aggressive tread pattern. The tire lugs work perpendicular to the direction of motion, clawing at the ground with each revolution. They function like paddles in the dirt. Additionally, they reach out further than the rim, which increases stability in partially-tilled earth where hidden ridges make the ground uneven.


Every part of this 4-piece wheel is specifically designed to perform better in the garden. From the custom fit of the tire between the two rim halves, to the welded steel center hub, it's all been thoroughly thought out and tested.


We design and build tools for those who prefer to do the outdoor jobs themselves. With more than 60 years of expertise, you can trust Earthquake® for your drilling needs.


The revolutionary Flex Coil shock absorbing system extends the life of the auger transmission and delivers comfortable handling by absorbing the force when an auger drills through objects like rocks and roots. Not only does this feature protect your auger but it also protects your body. Consistent use of an earth auger can be taxing on a person's body, but with the Flex-Coil shock absorber, a large part of this energy is absorbed before it reaches the user.

Fishtail Point

The Earthquake fishtail point acts as a pilot hole for all Earthquake augers. This features allows for more precise, and easer to start holes. In addition, it assists in breaking up and removing large debris like rocks and roots.



The world’s first one or two-man powerhead handles big tasks with two operators and can be run easily with a single operator -- a first for powered earth augers. Dual Triggers allow the users the ability work from which ever position is more comfortable. Virtually indestructible Jobsite™ handlebars protect the unit from abuse by acting as a roll cage to protect the engine. The Dually allows two users to handle the powerhead in order to distribute the force evenly and reduce the stress on a person's body.