Planting With Earth Augers

Earth augers serve many purposes in the hands of both homeowners and landscape professionals. Commonly referred to as "post hole diggers", earth augers excel on jobs requiring uniform holes and lots of them. Fences, deck building and mailbox installation are just a few common jobs requiring such holes but for many passionate gardeners and landscape contractors, earth augers often replace a shovel as well. Planting with earth augers can be an effective strategy in nearly all environments.
Bulbs and potted plants can be planted with extreme efficiency when using an earth auger to drill holes in gardens and landscape beds. Because of its high speed of rotation, an earth auger also breaks up clumps of dirt making the fill material more suitable for new plant growth. This tool not only saves time, but also reduces the visual disruption of digging larger holes with a shovel or spade. For optimal hole drilling for planting, checkout our Planting Earth Auger Bits.
Common Bit Sizes for Planting With Earth Augers:

Bulbs - 2", 3" or 4" Depending on bulb size

1 Quart Pot - 6"

1 Gallon Pot - 8"

2 Gallon Pot - 8"

3 Gallon Pot - 10"

5 Gallon Pot - 12"