Benefits of a String Mower

You’ve raked the leaves, striped your lawn, and edged the driveway. Now its time to tackle that back line that you’ve neglected all year. The grasses and weeds are 4 feet tall, and it looks more like a road ditch than part of your yard. This situation is very common for families that own large properties that require lots of maintenance. None the less, there is a quick and effective solution for taming that wild side of your property.

String Mower Overview-

A string mower is essentially a cross between a push mower and a weed whip. The platform is nearly identical to a push mower with its steel handlebars, stamped mowing deck and vertical shaft engine. However instead of blades directly below the engine, the cutting is done by high grade trimmer cord located towards the front of the mower. Additionally, the large plastic wheels allow the string mower to tackle tough terrain with much less effort than a standard push mower.


  • Easy to push over rough terrain
  • Capable of clearing a path through weeds/grass 4+ feet tall
  • Does not bog down like a standard push mower
  • Adjustable cutting height
  • 22” cutting diameter makes quick work mowing chores