Tilling Tips

1. Moving a cultivator in a back and forth motion, like a vacuum cleaner, often produces the quickest and most desirable results.

2. Cultivators work great for raised bed gardens because they are lightweight and easy to maneuver.

3. When starting a new garden, set your drag stake just deep enough to remove the sod. This will efficiently remove the sod while keeping it on the surface so it can be easily raked away. 

4. Avoid tilling in wet soil. This causes the soil to become compacted and can damage its structure. It also leaves you with an uneven seed bed.

5. Always call 811 to make sure all utility lines are clearly marked before digging in a new area.

6. When turning a front tine tiller, keep the tines engaged as you turn the machine. The force from the tines will do most of the work, leaving you to simply guide its direction.

7. Earthquake rear tine tillers are exceptionally smooth and easy to handle. Use one hand to guide the machine while walking to the side in order to keep those pesky footprints out of your seed bed.