Rear Tine Rototillers

Earthquake Rear Tine Tiller


Stable operation in most soil types.

Earthquake Rear Tine Tiller

One-hand Operation

Walk the next row over to keep your tilled soil uncompressed.



Our transmissions are designed to withstand the rigors of tearing up stubborn earth.

Largest-in-class Wheels

Largest-in-class Wheels

Greater traction and flotation in tilled soil.

Models Available:

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Pioneer™ Dual Direction Rear Tine Tiller with 99cc Viper® Engine and Airless Wheels

If you’ve ever used a rear tine tiller before you know they are the best way to break up sod and till soil. But if you’ve ever put a rear tine tiller in a garden and tried to control it around fences and precious rows, its may feel like holding onto a bucking bronco or a taking a bear cub for a walk. Everything about the new Pioneer was designed to give you more control while still getting the benefits of a dual-direction rear tine. Take control of your garden tiller.

Victory™ Rear Tine Tiller with 212cc Viper® Engine

The Earthquake® Victory™ Rear Tine Tiller features counter rotating tines. This feature, along with its powerful 212cc engine, allows it to aggressively dig in unforgiving soil. Additionally, Victory™ features 'Instant Reverse'. Simply pull the lever at the user position and easily walk the tiller backwards. There's no shifting necessary, unlike competitor units.

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